Beyond Belief
Nepali Rock Band (2000-2003)

Genre: Rock
Language: Nepali
Indus Fleet
Recording & Mixing:
Finny Jacob
Download Locations:

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This is a very special one me (Finny Jacob) personally, as I was in Kathmandu (2000-2003) a few of us with this common interest of music and composing music got together (Beyond Belief) and worked on a lot of music . We actually happened to record a few of them with what ever equipment and resources we had back then. The songs are mostly about what we felt and experienced back then, as young boys we just wanted to bring out what ever we felt . But we never got a chance to release them as we all parted ways and got busy with  our own thing in life.

I got these track with me for the last  15 years and I love them as they have a raw feel to it. So I present to you the first set of 9 songs, as we wanted to name our first album “Still to Think”. I have not change much of the originality of the tracks so you too could feelt the rawness in the songs.

I hope you would like it and this release touches your heart as much as our while we made them.

And yes… If you are not comfortable to pay for a download of this album you can listen to is on one of the streaming app. It’s would be on “Saavan” first.

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